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Elevating a Mobile App From Start to Finish


Developed four native apps and a CMS middleware in 1/2 of the time estimated

Load Time

Decreased data and authentication load times


Improved process from concept to deployment


Offloaded all product management and project management responsibilities

Performance Quality

Achieved a “0 crash” rate in the first month after launch

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A Smoother Project for Sophos, Better Apps for Their Partners

Network security leader Sophos originally called on Drawbackwards for help “re-skinning” one of their mobile apps. What they didn’t realize is that we would also make the entire experience better for their users and internal team. With Drawbackwards’ help in product design, product development, as well as both project and product management, Sophos launched a significantly faster and easier app in 1/2 of the time originally estimated by their internal team.

Pushing Past Aesthetics to Improve the Experience

Sophos’ sales partners convene at an annual conference, where attendees use a special mobile app to view the event schedule, plan which sessions to attend, keep up with conference news, and more. Sophos wanted to improve the app's performance and have best-in-class native UI for iOS and Android devices. After talking with Drawbackwards, they realized a "UI refresh" was just the tip of the iceberg.

Our team made simple but powerful changes throughout the app to improve the user experience, using better design patterns for iOS and Android users, enabling Touch ID and Face ID, making notifications more occasional and useful, creating a more engaging, curated news feed, and redesigning the conference schedule builder so it’s easier to use. By improving the overall experience across multiple devices and platforms, Sophos not only made the app look better, but also boosted performance and user satisfaction.

Taking Ownership of Product and Project Management

Sophos agreed that reaching their goals would require redesigning the entire experience, not just some interface elements. However, they didn’t have the internal resources to make it happen. Fortunately, Drawbackwards stepped into the role of Product and Project Manager to handle product vision, experience quality and delivery from start to finish.

Sophos shared their vision for the Partner Mobile App, then entrusted our team to manage the process from end to end. Our team quickly assembled to complete product design, front-end and back-end development, testing, and launch. By taking complete ownership of the project, providing on-demand product management, and supporting development operations, we helped Sophos release updated, native mobile apps by their event launch deadline. The app has successfully increased partner engagement, speed of ongoing development, mobile application performance, and data infrastructure stability.