Making Mobile Payments Painless


Works on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.


Designed to be white labeled for rapid growth and adoption.


Merchant portal to measure and track sales in real time.

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Major US banks use AprivaPay Plus
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Eclipsing the Competition with a Better Mobile Payment Experience

Major US banks saw Square was nipping at their heels. That’s when Apriva and Drawbackwards teamed up to design a better app and merchant portal that would help Apriva, their banking partners, and the banks’ customers leapfrog the competition.

Multiple Platforms. Multiple Devices.

Merchants need to be able to accept payments anytime, anywhere, from any device. There are several newer companies developing innovative payment technology for small businesses (such as Square), but that technology doesn’t usually scale well. Drawbackwards designed AprivaPay Plus to provide a better solution for merchants of any size and their financial partners.

The original version of Apriva Pay wasn’t visually appealing and didn’t serve merchant needs. We designed a new native app to work on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. AprivaPay Plus syncs across devices too, so a merchant can set up inventory, tax rates, and other settings once, then view and edit the information from anywhere. Our team also incorporated Google’s Material Design Standards (which were new at the time) to modernize Apriva’s product line and design a more consistent experience for Android users.

A Competitive, White Label Solution for Banks

With AprivaPay Plus, Apriva’s banking partners can easily white label the app with their colors and graphics to offer their customers a more familiar experience. This integration extends the financial institution’s payment processing capabilities, provides a smart alternative to growing competitors, and reinforces the bank’s brand during every transaction.

Measuring the Pulse of Purchases with the Merchant Portal

Apriva’s Merchant Portal is another significant competitive advantage, so Drawbackwards designed AprivaPay Plus to work in harmony with the Merchant Portal. Now, businesses can easily manage, measure and track purchases in real time. With these two solutions working hand-in-hand, merchants have access to a complete payments command center at their fingertips.

Simple Support Guides for Easy Onboarding

While AprivaPay Plus was in development, Drawbackwards also designed support guides to help with merchant onboarding. While we specifically designed the app to be intuitive and easy to use, this documentation provided even more guidance for merchants, as well as a resource for customer support representatives.