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Tooltips for Life

At the core of every major religion and self-help guide is one simple concept: your thoughts create your future. What if you had a system to help you not only assess and identify your negative thought patterns, but that could also nudge you regularly in the course of your daily activities to recalibrate those thoughts in a more positive direction? Imagine the things you could achieve.

Drawbackwards decided to put its expertise in customer experience and UX to the test with a new challenge not tied to profit margins, but with the goal of helping people change their lives one thought at a time. We created a tool that allows people anywhere to quickly assess their current negative thoughts and then have positive affirmations delivered to them by text message or email up to six times a day. It’s like getting real-time tooltips for life.

Designed for Humans in a Post-Desktop World

There are plenty of great meditation and journaling apps out there built around the intention of helping people improve their lives through healthier habits. Drawbackwards didn’t want to compete with that. Instead, we created around a simple concept — people live their lives doing things, not staring at screens. We intentionally built a light-touch experience from the ground up with the intention of meeting people where they live their lives. By untethering the design and experience from a particular website or app, we created a way for people to track and balance their thoughts in the small spaces between all the other activities in their lives. We wanted to give people space to breathe, not just another app to take up space.

Designed for Lasting Change

We recognize that personal development and wellness is a continuous process of forming and repeating new healthy habits. So we built our Egg Self-Assessment Tool as a way for people to see where they are now in a five-stage process of finding happiness, meaning, and inner peace. By building the model around the image of an egg, we acknowledge the ongoing effort involved in personal growth and help people track their progress through the process of breaking out of the egg. Users can take the assessment every thirty days and see how their answers change over time. This helps them visualize the bigger picture and their place in it, helping to encourage them to continue building their healthy thoughts and behaviors one step at a time.

Designed for Empowerment

It’s one thing to have somebody else tell you what to think. It’s another thing entirely to have your own positive thoughts and affirmations reflected back to you. We included the option for people to write their own affirmations because we believe in empowering individuals to personalize their experiences. We wanted to eliminate our intrinsic biases as designers as much as possible by creating a human-centric system that can adjust with the needs and differences of each person who comes to the platform. We believe true empowerment comes from ownership of your experience.

Designed for Iteration

At the core of the intent behind is the acknowledgment that we aren’t perfect. Growth is an iterative process just as much for us as it is for the people we designed the platform to help. By participating in this project, each user is giving us valuable feedback about what works and what doesn’t work for them. We intend to use that feedback to continue to develop a stronger product and experience that grows with its users.

Designed for Your Imagination

We created as a tool to drive personal growth. But at its core technology lies an idea with the potential for any number of applications. Want to build low-touch daily experiences for users, clients or customers? Want those touchpoints customized to your core values and where the user is at personally related to those concepts? Drawbackwards can use the platform behind to build that for you. Drawbackwards can create the content strategy and write content for you to deliver the highest, best impact in short messages and daily touches. Have ideas for how to design a human-centered, app-less experience that can make a difference in people’s lives? Let’s talk.

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