BookFresh (acquired by Square)

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Helping a Scheduling App Hit the Big Time


Paved the way for a fast acquisition by Square


Streamlined app workflows, customer portal, booking tool, and marketing website within a few months

Lead Generation

Created and tested lead-generating landing pages in less than a month

8 mo
of rapid UI/UX prototyping and product ideation lead to acquisition by Square
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A Rapid Redesign Leading to Fast Results

BookFresh developed a unique online booking and scheduling software, yet they were hearing from customers that it was too complex and hard to use. The company was still gaining new customers, but they knew redesigning the app and simplifying the user experience would allow their product to gain significant market share. BookFresh had a tight timeline. With a Drawbackwards subscription, they were able to quickly pinpoint the roadblocks to conversion and create a solution that led to a fast acquisition by Square.

"Our customer workflows and product design were causing high churn and creating the wrong market perception. After working with Drawbackwards, we simplified the way merchants and customers schedule appointments, leading to an acquisition by Square soon after."

Diagnosing Problems and Suggesting Fast Fixes

First, the Drawbackwards team conducted an in-depth audit of the existing app to diagnose its primary problems. We got very granular, going through the process screen by screen as a user and identifying areas where it posed obstacles. Based on those findings, we mapped out a product strategy that would improve the experience while keeping the redesign as lean as possible to accommodate BookFresh’s fast-approaching deadline.

A Customer Portal that Provides a Seamless Experience

Next, we designed a responsive customer portal and web application that customized the user’s experience based on their device and situation. Our goal was to lead users through a seamless process, make them feel comfortable, and optimize their workflow whether they were accessing it via desktop or mobile.

Transforming Booking from Confusing to Crystal Clear

Our team then applied the same research and concepts that were used in the customer portal to a new user interface design for BookFresh’s booking tool. Prior to the redesign, they received a lot of customer feedback that the tool was confusing and difficult to navigate. With our help, BookFresh quickly implemented a new design that made the experience more intuitive and removed the barriers to using it.

A Consistent Experience from the App to the Web

After the app redesign was rolled out, Drawbackwards created a marketing website for BookFresh to align with their new product design and story. It put the customer front and center to show them the value that BookFresh could provide and lead them down the path to conversion.

Test Quickly, Improve Quickly

Along with the marketing website design, BookFresh and Drawbackwards conducted rapid A/B testing for various landing pages that would be used for lead generation. Within three weeks, we created several landing page prototypes, gathered user feedback, and refined an ideal solution that would produce the best results.