How Do You Boost User Engagement?

Ward Andrews
By Ward Andrews
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We get this question from our clients all the time. They tell us people aren’t logging in to their app enough or using the fancy new features they built. Users don’t seem to know how to engage with the product or they’re not taking advantage of upgrade options.

Here’s the not-so-secret trick to improving user engagement - give people what they want when they want it.

While that feels like a common-sense goal, we've come across plenty of product teams who have lost their way in a dense fog of competing business priorities and urgent feature requests.

Through a series of blog posts this month, we’re exploring the three main principles of user engagement that we use to help clients reach their business and UX goals:

  1. Prioritize Jobs-To-Be-Done
  2. Anticipate User Needs
  3. Provide the Right Context

Thoughtful design that anticipates the needs of your users keeps them coming back for more. But it can’t be built in a day. It takes a constant focus on continuous improvement, from initial research that uncovers the needs of both users and the business to creating and iterating on solutions to find what works best.

Watch my conversation below with our lead product strategist, Alicia Fremling, check out the blog posts to learn more about each of the three principles, and then start a conversation about how we can help you engage more with your users.

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